computational craft


katie0 katie1 what is it: structure based on L-system growth led to combination of pieces, fit together exactly, form same tree as L-system this flat L system tree was then twisted, pushed, and pulled, so that it jutted up and folded as it grows upwards. its pushed up by a secondary system based on the same L-system but instead of growing planer this secondary system grows in bunches and pushes the first planer growth upwards (this is what makes it fold). This basic structure is a grid shell structure , its not very stable, has only a few stable connection points and cantilevers over itself (adding to this structural weight proportion problem) Then there is a third system introduced, the gyroid. A twisting spiral like structure based on the math concept of minimal surface connection, where the gyroid connects 3 plans in the least amount of continuous se area needed. The gyroid goes through the entire structure switching and turing creating a continuous flowing path from the top to the bottom What dose it mean: The gyroid breaks up the grid system and transforms the space so that it becomes inhabitable. The continuous flow allows for water to go downwards from the top (when it rains) and continue all the way down to the bottom. This water then allows for plant life to grow, and depending on the amount of water that settles in each place- the ecosystem that develops in that area. also once plant like creeps in, animals inhabitants can then begin to come in as well. how does it make meaning: Both the grid structure and the gyroid each have there own unique properties. they are separate and individual, but when you put them together and force them to interact. they give birth to a completely new system- a new creature, space of being. It allows for something completely different to form from both of them individually on there own.1 What i am doing is simulating a series of multiple aggregation of parts, both with the combinations of structure, and with the overall narrative and the aggregation of nature with in the built system, and the aggregation of opposites in nature forced into close proximity so that the aggregations of there ecosystems, animal characteristics, and animal interaction in general. Also mutation of plant species as they fight for territory. gyroid can not grown on its own. need general path with in grid to have growth direction and basic structure of grid (even if very minimal) to prop it up and hold it in place. the gyroid would no be able to sustain multiple facets of life if it wasn't for the grid forcing different situations upon it. it would all be the same otherwise. so what: Water is life. like blood in our veins everywhere it goes life is generated and the growing healing process can occur. SO this dead ridged uninhabitable grid structure that previously stood in this place is now able to heal, grow and transform its self into a completely new being. The gyroid allows for this to happen. the gyroid itself is not the living part with in the grid shell, it merely breaks apart the grid and allows for multiple parts with different qualities and characteristics to propagate with in the once dead grid. It is the combination of the two systems that together creates this new type of life cyborg? am i creating a cyborg or simply an aggregation My vertical garden brings the nature back in to the built world. This vertical garden it to be built in the present and then develops and transform in the future. It is an aggregation of parts that normally would never interact previously. It allows for the animals and plant inhabitation- to come back into the manmade world and continue developing as the rest of the worlds evolution process dies away. It is build through a confusion of aggregation of parts - not properly organized throughout. Because of this inhabitable space or ecosystem are determined by what available space pathways are there and where the sunlight + water flow activates the space, producing this narrative of a confusing aggregation of parts.