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apomechanes is derived from "ἀπὸ μηχανῆς θεός" [aˈpo mɛːkʰaˈnɛːs tʰeˈos] literally "god from the machine", which is a plot device of ancient greek drama. In numerous tragedies, the poet would gradually steer the plot/myth to an inflection point at which the natural resolution of the conflict would be very difficult if not impossible. Then, an unexpected event in the form of an intervention of a god would take place and allow for the play to continue. The term "from the machine" was established due to the fact that the god would enter the stage with the help of a "machine" - a wooden crane on which he would appear floating form above.


Apo Mechanes is an intensive 2.5 week computational design studio to be held in Athens, Greece. A studio dedicated to furthering the techniques and concepts of algorithmic processes as means for design and fabrication, apomechanes investigates the modes of algorithmic and machinic processes in architectural design.

At present computational techniques are predominantly employed in the optimization, rationalization or surface decoration of more traditionally created wholes. This research will instead focus on the inherent potential of computation to generate space and of algorithmic procedures to engage self-organization in the design process. Participants will create their own custom algorithms leading to the fabrication of working prototypes appropriate to their research trajectories.

Computational Design Workshop

The Apo Mechanes workshop will explore algorithmic design methodologies that engage complex and non-linear systems. The workshop will develop both recursive and self-organising techniques that are capable of generating complex forms of order. The workshop will introduce a set of algorithmic design techniques that students will expand on in the development of a coherent generative design methodology. These strategies will include: recursion, conditional substitution and self-organisation. The workshop will assume no prior experience with scripting languages and will commence with a brief introduction to rhinoScript. However the primary focus of the workshop is to introduce the structure and concepts behind algorithmic design rather than a broad introduction to scripting.

Computational Design Studio

The Apo Mechanes Design studio will expand on the generative design techniques developed in the workshop and will interrogate how architectural intention can operate at a local level and through the interaction of low level rules systemic geometries and aggregations emerge. This methodological research will be focused on the design of a spatial installation. The project will be conducted in groups and will lead to the fabrication of either a part of the complete design. The project will take the form of either a space filling installation or an element of stage scenery. The point of departure for the stage scenery will be drawn from the theatrical pieces providing in the reading list.

The requirements of the brief are kept intentionally simple as we are concerned with the development of complex orders and their resultant emergent affects - these concerns should be understood as the primary criteria for the project.


The Apo Mechanes Instructors have a wide range of international teaching experience including teaching design studios and seminars in algorithmic design at Columbia University, the Architecture Association, SCI-Arc, Pratt Institute, UPenn, USC, UCLA, RMIT and the University of Michigan. Further information is available at:

EZIO BLASETTI, registered architect TEE-TCG, holds a masters of science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University after graduating from the National Technical University of Athens. Founder of Ezio is 1/3 of Serge Studio, his recent collaborations include Acconci Studio, biothing and a|Um studio. He has taught at Columbia University, the Architectural Association, The Pratt Institute.

DAVE PIGRAM is the founding Partner of supermanoeuvre, Dave Pigram has taught at Columbia University, the Architectural Association, The Pratt Institute, The University of Michigan and The University of Canberra. He has exhibited and lectured on his work internationally and was formerly a project director for Studio Daniel Libeskind.

ROLAND SNOOKS is the founding partner of Kokkugia, he teaches at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania, having previously taught at Sci-Arc, University of Southern California, UCLA, Pratt Institute and RMIT University. Roland was the curator of the Australasian section of this year's Architecture Bienale Beijing

IOULIETTA ZINDROU architect NTUA, MArchAA Iaac [Institutto de Architectura Abancada de Catalunia]. Digital Fabrication Lab Coordinator. Colaborator of Actar Architecture and Guallart Architects. Jury member at UPC, Iaac, Pratt Institute.


All Apo Mechanes meetings (studio and workshop) will be held in the ex machina theater (από μηχανής θέατρο), located in the center of Athens. The building was built in 1930s and was initially a hardware factory. In mid 1990s the building was transformed to a theater allowing artistic experimentation and breaking the limits between stage and stalls. We would like to thank the Theater Company Syn, Epi (+,X) and mr. Akis Vloutis for providing us access to this amazing space and Mrs. Elisavet Andapassi for her continuous support and mediation.


Between Friday August 7th and Tuesday August 11th participants in the full studio program will visit our fabrication facilities in order to produce large scale prototypes of their projects. The factory is located in Kalambaka at Meteora and its fabrication capacities include a large (1.4x2m) industrial laser cutter suitable for a variety of materials such as plywood or Corian. Studio participants will have free access to our facilities and the pre-ordered materials we have allocated for the production of their prototypes. An additional allowance has been allocated for finishings and fixings. Should the studio particpants exceed the allocated budget, additional expenses in the fabrication process (alternative materials, personal tools etc) are not covered.

Floating Amplifier:

Additionally, Apo Mechanes is inviting the participants of the studio as well as a curated group of emerging designers to a week long sailing symposium around the greek islands. This initiative is seeking to formalize, through a series of records of proceedings, an on-going dialog around the future of contemporary methodologies in architectural design and fabrication technologies.

[svgallery name="ApomechanesExhibition"] photos by Zindrou Ioulietta



  • 1000 years of non-linear history
  • 13 objects
  • Agent Intellects: Pattern as a Form of Thought
  • Animate Form
  • Atlas of Novel Tectonics
  • Elegance
  • Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software
  • From Object to Field
  • Funes The Memorious
  • Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
  • Landscapes Of Change
  • La Jetee
  • Library of Babel
  • Manhattan Medea
  • Self-made Tapestry
  • Techniques and Technologies in Morphogenetic Design
  • The Birds
  • The Garden of Folking Paths
  • The Metaphysics of Genetic Architecture
  • The Origin of Language: Biology, Information Theory & Thermodynamics
  • Tlon, Uqbar Orbis Tertius
by Manuel Delanda by Howard Barker by Ed Keller & Carla Leitao by Greg Lynn by Jessie Reiser by Manuel Delanda by Steven Johnson by Stan Allen by Jorge Luis Borges by Douglas Hofstadter by Sanford Kwinter by Chris Marker by Jorge Luis Borges by Dea Loher by Phillip Ball by Michael Hensel by Aristophanes by Jorge Luis Borges by Karl Chu by Michel Serres by Jorge Luis Borges

[svgallery name="apomechanesP"] photos by Tania Branquinho, Catia La Grotta, Luis Quinones and Ioulietta Zindrou


Core consultation hours are morning session: 11am-2pm & afternoon session: 3pm-8pm, during this time all programmed content will be delivered and it is assumed that all student will be in attendance. in addition, optional sessions will be held to either extend or where necessary supplement the material covered.

monday 27th july

12pm - 2pm afternoon session social session
registration & introductory lecture | algorithmic design_ concepts, history, methodologies & examples seminar | introduction to rhino scripting_ syntax, methods, flow & iteration dinner & drinks for personal introductions within and between participants and instructors

tuesday 28th july

morning session afternoon session
seminar | rhino scripting_ recursion & fractals seminar | rhino scripting_ recursive aggregation & conditionals

wednesday 29th july

morning session afternoon session
seminar | rhino scripting_ celular automata and curves self organization seminar | rhino scripting_ introduction to agent systems

thursday 30th july

morning session afternoon session
studio consultancy: individual/group sessions with instructors & project development studio consultancy in teams

friday 31st july

morning session afternoon session
studio consultancy in teams studio consultancy in teams

saturday 1st august

morning session optional session
studio consultancy in teams 17pm departure to Epidaurus ancient theatre 21pm play | Aeschylus, The Persians_ National Theatre of Greece - Dimiter Gotscheff

sunday 2nd august

optional session afternoon session
12pm visit to new acropolis museum | bernard tschumi studio consultancy in teams

monday 3rd august

morning session afternoon session social session
studio consultancy in teams studio consultancy in teams studio dinner

tuesday 4th august

morning session afternoon session
studio consultancy in teams studio consultancy in teams

wednesday 5th august

morning session afternoon session
seminar | rhino scripting_ geometry rationalization, panelizing, g-code, contour for milling studio consultancy in teams

thursday 6th august

morning session afternoon session
studio consultancy in teams studio consultancy in teams

friday 7th august

trip afternoon session
9am departure to meteora / 1pm arrival and accommodation 5pm introduction to machinery & fabrication techniques

saturday 8th august

morning session afternoon session
files preparation for fabrication fabrication consultancy in teams

sunday 9th august

morning session afternoon session optional session
fabrication consultancy in teams fabrication consultancy in teams screening of ‘Last Year at Marienbad’ of Alain Resnais at Xenia Hotel of Aris Konstandinidis

monday 10th august

morning session afternoon session
fabrication consultancy in teams first assembly

monday 10th august

morning session afternoon session
fabrication consultancy in teams fabrication & assembly

tuesday 11th august

morning session afternoon session afterhours
fabrication & assembly fabrication & assembly packing & loading installation components

wednesday 12th august

optional session trip
visit to meteora & monasteries 2pm departure to athens 10pm arrival and accomodation

thursday 13th august

morning session afternoon session afterhours
final assembly of installations at Bios | exhibition preparation final assembly of installations at Bios | exhibition preparation final assembly of installations at Bios | exhibition preparation

friday 14th august

morning session afternoon session social session
final assembly of installations at Bios | exhibition preparation 5pm final presentation | jury review with Alisa Andrasek, Danielle Willems, Dimitris Zoupas, Jose Manuel Sanchez, Moira Henry & Rob Stuart-Smith 9pm studio party and exhibition opening | all participants invited

saturday 15th august

sailing trip
5pm departure from Alimos Alimos | Kythnos | Serifos | Mylos | Poros | Aegina | Alimos until Saturday 22nd august